5 videos that changed my life


5 videos that changed my life 


Marcus Haney- No Cameras Allowed

This is the reason I grabbed my camera and started shooting every single festival and show I could get into. Live performance is still one of my favorite things to shoot.

Casey Neistat - DO WHAT YOU CAN'T

This video inspired me to do exactly what the title says... Do what you can't. Casey Neistat's work is one of the reasons I decided to moved to New York without a "real job" and pursued my creative career.

Sam Kolder - Hawaii v2.0

After briefly meeting Sam while shooting a music festival at my college, I began following him on Instagram. The aesthetic and technical aspects of Sam's videos have opened my eyes to what is possible to create

MARK ESHLEMAN - TwentyOnePilots, Regional at Best

I didn't know it at the time but back in 2011 when I first saw TwentyOnePilots perform I was watching the beginning of something.. something BIG. I learned so much what is possible from watching two guys from Ohio start a band and quite literally "make it" in the music world.

The Yacht Week - Aftermovie 2014

After watching this video in 2014 I decided that there was nothing else in the world that I would rather do. In 2015, after some emails and calling in a few favors I found myslef on a Yacht in Croatia surrounded by the most insperational people I had ever met.